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Since 1991, BOTON has built its business on innovative research, using modern technologies to determine raw material for the specific flavors and fragrances products. BOTON believe that development and production of flavors and fragrances is a technical process calling upon the combination of knowledge, experience and talents of flavourists, perfumers and research chemists.

Our focus is on novel ingredient discovery and sourcing of unique natural building blocks to further enhance the range of products available to inspire the creative talent of BOTON flavorists and perfumers.

Today our Corporate R&D centre located in Shenzhen, PRC at the Boton Factory and the team has over 200 employees. In addition, we also exclusively co-operation with Shanghai Institute of Technology that is only training flavourists institution in PRC and China Agricultural University, CAU providing comprehensive education for agricultural products as it distinguished feature and advantage, help to ensure the continuous supply of flavorists and ability to develop flavor formula.
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